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-Adam Wilcox-

tic toc..

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Park Jay Bum is Back!!!

yay... baksu!!!(clap2)

now he already COMEBACK!!

just like my friend said.." its worth waiting him for 2 years after all d hurts that we had".. yeah.. its really worth. haters who dont know him.. shut up ur mouth esp 2nd gen hottest who doesnt know anything..

what is most important, ad ke artis y sanggup upload sndiri MV, kalo retis lain suh manager jeh. gigih dok upload dr pkol 11pm. ble pkol 12 x leh upload, Jay siap mtk maap kt fans lagi.. kekek. seb bek pkol 1 mv dapat upload. x tau la bape kali dia try.. kekekke.. dah la YT acc kne delate, pastu Fb plak.. last2 Jay buat YT acc lain.. ekkekek.. seb bek FB dah dapat balik, kalo x.. kompem lps nie dia buat facenovel.. hahhaha..

now, i can forget that black september.. alhamdulillah.. perit rasenye ble ingt balik.. sekarang nie, rase nk jerit kat 1 dunia yang. PARK JAE BUM is BACK!!! yahooooo...

bgos jgk dia kluar dr 2 ptg tuh.. gaji ngn untung x yah devide.. kekekke..

HATERS!! go away coz i am COLD rite now.. hahhaha.

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