"If you smile at it, the world will be smiling with you, too. If you cry at it, then go ahead because you'll be the only one crying by yourself.."
-Adam Wilcox-

tic toc..

Friday, 8 April 2011

heo young saeng solo debut..

i have been waiting 4 him 2 debut.. as a solo artist.. tpkan opkos ak x saba tunggu si KIM KYU JONG debut.. kekek.. since deorng sign contract ngn B2M.. deorng aktip wt promosi.. oyeahhh...

x saba tunggu lagu 'Lets Go'.. abang saeng.. cepat la debut ek.. adik iprmu ini x sabo nk tgk.. kekekk

 abang saeng.. handsome kan abng ipar saye..
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